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Welcome to Beryx Explorer
Beryx Explorer is a platform developed by Zondax (visit our website here) that includes public historical data, streaming data and metrics for Filecoin blockchain. The main features are exploring the blockchain, testing smart contracts, requesting test tokens from the faucet, visualizing the mempool and observing live network statistics.

Have a look:
🔎 Explore the blockchain here
🧑‍💻 Test your smart contract here
📈 Network Dashboard here
🧊 View the mempool here
💸 Get test tokens (faucet) here

⚠️ Disclaimer
This project is in beta stage. Please, feel free to report any bug you encounter. For this you can write us at or directly use the feedback tool in app (right side of the screen).

About Beryx

The arrival of Filecoin Virtual Machine (FEVM / FVM roadmap) opens the doors to a new generation of block explorers for Filecoin.
We aim to provide for all filecoin ecosystem participants, whether storage provider, storage client, developer, token holder or another type of user, a clear visibility and observability over the state and the activity of the network and the chain, both real-time and historical.
We want to build a fast, reliable and real-time block explorer that displays activity and interactions of native and EVM smart contracts.
Not just another Filecoin block explorer, but the block explorer that could be also used as a reference for developers that are building custom actors on Filecoin or dApps.
This tool should put together dev tools for decoding actors for both EVM and native FVM, a block explorer and a mempool with real time streaming.
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by Zondax

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